About Me

Hi friends, my name is Poonam (Hypothyroiditis). I am a blogger, who wants to spread awareness on thyroid related diseases. I was first diagnosed with a thyroid condition known as (Hypothyroidism) in the year 2015. Then in the year 2017, I came to know that, it was due to Hashimoto Disease (an autoimmune disorder).
Furthermore, I have suffered three miscarriages out which two was due to thyroid related problems and one was due to triploidy (chromosomal abnormality). Now, good news is, I have managed my thyroid in a good way and living a healthy life. In my blogs, I am trying to provide you information on thyroid related diseases.
Dear friends, always remember that, it is most important to follow the instructions given by your Doctor, Physician and Health care professional for controlling and treating your disease.
thank you!
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